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The Wensleydale Heifer - Latest News

Thursday - July 26, 2018
Everyone loves a good selfie, don’t they? But to be suitably Insta-friendly, or to fit in on Facebook, you have to make sure your surroundings are envy-inducing! Read More
Wednesday - July 25, 2018
A JUNIOR cricket team has been bowled over by sponsorship from The Wensleydale Heifer. Read More
Monday - June 18, 2018
Ever wondered what someone is ordering at your favourite restaurant right now? Have you looked at a menu and pictured what that meal might look like? Read More
Monday - June 18, 2018
It was beer and not champagne used to celebrate the successful ten-year partnership between a Yorkshire hotel and a local micro-brewery recently. Read More
Wednesday - June 13, 2018
Despite the glorious weather over the last few weeks, thoughts here at the Heifer have turned to turkeys, Christmas crackers and mulled wine!
Read More
Wednesday - June 13, 2018
It’s was a case of all hands to the pump The Wensleydale Heifer introduced a new beer to our menu and it’s making people very “hoppy”! Read More
Tuesday - June 12, 2018
Here at the Wensleydale Heifer we are committed to helping our guests enjoy the very best of Yorkshire and to working closely with our fellow local businesses to do so. Read More
Wednesday - May 16, 2018
To mark National Waiter’s Day the kitchen team at the restaurant decided to treat their waiting staff colleagues, inviting them to put their feet up and enjoy a meal and drinks served by the chefs for a change! Read More
Friday - April 27, 2018
The Wensleydale Heifer is offering guests an extra bonus if they can prove they are “shaken and not stirred”. Read More
Friday - April 27, 2018
The breakfasts at the Wensleydale Heifer have received a prestigious honour. Read More