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COVID-19 & The Wensleydale Heifer's Promise to You


The Wensleydale Heifer has always been known for its great food and fantastic service, and that, of course is a source of great pride to us. But, so much more important to us is being regarded as a very safe environment for you, and your family and friends, to visit and spend your time in.

We are committed to always doing all we can to protect the well-being of everyone who visits the Heifer, and those who work here.

That's a commitment we take really seriously, and we ask you, our lovely guests, to help us honour it by doing all you can to protect yourself and others while you're with us. We thank you in advance for your understanding of the changes we've had to put in place to protect well-being as much as we possibly can. We plan to not just meet, but exceed, standards for safety and well-being.

We've put the following measures in place to protect your well-being – if you have any questions or concerns, or suggestions, please do let us know. We're always here to help.

When you arrive at the Heifer, you'll see we've got a one-way system in place to help people move safely around. Please only enter the building through our lovely front door where you'll see a "please wait to be seated" sign. One of our friendly team will be along in a minute to either take you to your table or to check you in. At our reception area, we've popped a screen in place (a bit like the ones in the bank, but very subtle).

When you leave the Heifer - although we're sure you won't want to - please only do so through the door just past the snug. Don't worry if you forget – we've got helpful signage and staff to help keep us all right!


All of our waiting and kitchen staff have completed comprehensive COVID-19 training. All training is refreshed on a weekly basis and everyone here at the Heifer has their temperature checked when they arrive at work. If a colleague has a temperature, they don't work.

Hygiene, cleaning and sanitisation is of course always our priority, but we've become even more stringent. All members of our team (including our chefs) sanitise their hands between every "interaction" – this means everything – from a plate to a glass of wine - will be served with the very cleanest of hands – as well as having been prepared in a very clean environment. They are, of course, also washing their hands regularly.

Our housekeeping staff are working round the clock to keep everything super-clean and hygienic. Our famous "loos" are sanitised every 30 minutes and operate on a "one-in, one-out" basis.

We also thoroughly clean all tables and chairs between guests and set each table with fresh items such as flowers and condiments etc.

There are hand sanitisers throughout the Heifer - please do use them as much as you'd like. If you find one is empty, do let us know!

When it comes to paying, cash is still accepted here at the Heifer, but we would prefer card payments if possible. The card machine will be sanitised before you use it.

What can you do to help?

You can help us follow all Government guidance. We are, in line with that guidance, keeping a temporary record of our guests (which we have to keep for 21 days) so will ask you to fill in a short form with your contact details if we don't already have them (for example, if you have booked to stay with us).

If a guests plans to visit from an area which has a local lockdown in place, we'd ask you to please postpone your visit. We'll be happy to amend your booking so your visit can happen at a later date.

If you're eating with us

We've reduced the number of people dining at any one time and redesigned our table layout to maximise space. We've gone the extra few centimetres in terms of space between our tables – with all of them at least 1.5m+ apart from others in our five different dining spaces. We also have strict rule on booking table times too.

We try to use our private areas, such as the bar and snug, for larger tables and we make sure we're following Government guidelines.

Menus are disposable. Tables and chairs are thoroughly cleaned between guests. All tableware is replaced with fresh (such as salt and pepper) between guests too.

If you're staying with us

One of our Heifer "touches" was for us to take our lovely guests to their rooms and point out their exclusive features. We won't be able to do that for the time-being but do ask us if there's anything you need to know.

Your hotel key has a hand sanitiser attached, please let us know if you'd like more. All keys are sanitised between guests.

Our housekeeping staff clean each room even more thoroughly between guests using anti-bacterial cleaning products. If you're staying for more than one night, please do let us know if you would like a full room service each day, or if you'd prefer to simply receive fresh toiletries and towels. All those lovely extras in your room – tea, coffee, bath products – will be changed between guests with a fresh set.

Breakfast has changed, but is still as delicious! If you'd rather eat in your room, we have our lovely Heifer breakfast hampers available. There's no buffet any more, but you can still book a time to eat breakfast in the hotel's dining areas if you'd prefer.


If you need to cancel for Covid-19 related reasons then any deposits paid are fully transferrable or refundable.

& Finally

This is our commitment to you – thank you so much for visiting the Wensleydale Heifer – your support is so very much appreciated.


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